Cost reduction and thorough quality control that can only be delivered by a specialized manufacturer.

A Devotion to Fuses Since Our Founding

Since its inception, Pacific Engineering Corporation (PEC) has concentrated its attention exclusively on automotive fuses and this focus is reflected in its technologies and expertise. We have earned the trust of our customers by striving to consistently improve our technologies as a specialized manufacturer. This has been the driving force behind our growth and today we produce 3.2 billion automotive fuses per year. In April 2021, we achieved cumulative sales of 50 billion automotive fuses. We believe this figure will continue to rise at an accelerated pace in tandem with growth in global auto demand.

Responding to Customer Needs Through Close Internal Cooperation

We have significantly streamlined our production systems in an effort to realize cost reductions for our products. All our production lines are fully automated and we exclusively use cutting-edge equipment. This allows us to minimize discrepancies in performance and ensure product reliability.

Another distinctive feature of our fuse business is the smooth cooperation between our design, production and production management divisions. In developing new products, these divisions share information about manufacturing techniques, points for improvements and production-related problems. This approach supports the construction of optimized production lines, allowing us to accurately and swiftly respond to customers’ needs.

In recent years, we have received a growing number of orders to design and develop customized fuses for specific vehicle models. As fuse production is generally moving from mass production of a small variety of fuses to limited production of a large variety of fuses, we keep our R&D division involved to help us create optimized production methods and lines, and support efficiency in manufacturing.

International Standard Certified Plants

Automotive fuses are critical components on which people’s lives may depend and therefore leave no room for compromise in terms of quality. PEC has obtained ISO/TS16949 (based on ISO9001) certification, which is an international standard for automotive quality management systems. We have introduced automated inspection systems for all our production lines, which are monitored around the clock. In addition, we have also acquired the international standard ISO/IEC17025 that evaluates the competence to carry out tests and calibrations, and accordingly conduct various endurance and performance tests under demanding operating environments.

Automotive Fuses