Towards a global brand where “Colorful Creators”
across the world can shine

One of the key industries that supports today’s Pacific Engineering Corporation is the Automotive Fuses Business , which mainly produces a range of fuses for different types of automobiles. It has greater than 91% share domestically, while a 48% share globally, making us the world's top brand.

The other is our Precision Metal Forming Business , which draws on our expertise in precision metal molding in the development of fuse parts. We can provide cutting-edge initiatives such as die production or press forming of high tensile strength steel to respond to a range of needs in the development of automobiles which need to offer safety and the environmental functionality of low fuel consumption and light weight.

The specialist technologies of Pacific Engineering, developed over the more than half a century since our founding in 1961, are now a vital part of the development of the global automobile industry. Since establishing our first overseas site in 1994, in the United States, we have expanded our sales and production sites (including agencies) around the world, moving into Thailand in 2000, China in 2004, Korea in 2011, Europe (Germany) in 2012, and Mexico in 2014. In all these countries, we have constructed production systems and human networks that allow us to offer the same levels of technology and quality, responding in attentive detail to global needs.

In 2018, PEC’s “Colorful Creators” who play active roles around the world have come together with the PEC brand to form our “One Team,” with which we shall grow and expand into the future. We also announced our corporate slogan, “Timeless Insight, New Mobility,” which is our promise to evolve into an attractive global brand that will help bring about the new era of the automotive society. This slogan is the very VISION (aspirations) we continue to hold towards the future, and statement to the world of PEC’s corporate stance.

Then in 2019, we created PEC PARK, a new building in Ogaki that combines our Head Office with a production site. This now functions as Pacific Engineering's global headquarters, where we start tackling the challenges of the next generation. PEC PARK has a range of different spaces and facilities that supports new working styles where each employee's individuality can flourish, and where each “Colorful Creator” can create “New Frontiers” from their diversity.

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