As a leading automotive fuse manufacturer, we continue to meet our customers’ needs through high-quality and highly reliable development and technology.

Pacific Engineering Corporation (PEC), a maker specialized in automotive fuse, has developed and manufactured automotive fuses for over five decades. Since first developing automated production systems for glass tube fuses, which were expected to meet diverse needs around the time the company was founded, PEC has delivered a wide range of automotive fuses to the market while staying ahead of industry trends. Examples include compact and lightweight auto fuses that excel in durability, slow blow fuses that are able to withstand temporary surges of high current, and electric vehicle (EV) fuses geared toward next-generation automotive technology. As a result of its achievements, PEC has gained market shares in automotive fuses of 91% in Japan and 48% globally, putting it among the top global brands. As such, it continues to manufacture a wide range of fuses to support an automotive industry in which electronic solutions are playing an increasingly important role as evidenced by the rise of EVs and driverless cars.

BFLP/Blade Fuses

PEC has developed and manufactured compact and lightweight blade fuses from an early stage. At present, blade fuses are the global standard for automotive fuses and the most common fuse type used by automakers around the world.

SBF/Slow Blow Fuses

PEC independently developed slow blow fuses as a technology that prevents fuses from blowing immediately when being exposed to a high-current load. Slow blow fuses offer dramatically enhanced safety and reliability, and can be deployed to address diverse needs. At present, PEC has applied for patents in 13 countries and holds a 50% global market share in this product segment.

MUSB/Multi Slow Blow Fuses

PEC has developed and manufactured multi-pole slow blow fuses through its unique technology to respond to calls for comprehensive miniaturization of multi circuits. In this way, it has responded to further diversification and growing complexity in automotive circuit design.

EV Fuses

PEC has developed EV fuses for vehicles with high-current circuits to meet the needs of hybrid vehicles and EVs. Its EV fuses are employed by both domestic and overseas automakers. They have become the global standard for next-generation fuses and the company continues to enhance the underlying technology.

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