Our global production sites are equipped with cutting-edge equipment and continuously develop new technology.

PEC production sites handle everything from design to manufacturing and inspection.Head Office Plant and Ogaki Plant

Our Head Office Plant and Ogaki Plant handle all aspects of the creation of press-forming products ranging from die design to development, parts manufacturing, processing and inspection. They manufacture both compact and large high-precision products, and can deliver die processing precision of ±0.005mm, punch-press processing at a width of 0.06mm, and die production for press machines up to 600t. All customer requests received worldwide are consolidated into our domestic plants, where we handle everything from die design to processing.

Domestic Plant Facilities

Facility Name No. of Units
2D CAD / CAM 4 4
3D CAD 1
3D CAD 2
2D CAD 2
2D CAD 5
Electrical Discharge Machine 13
Machining Center 3
NC Electrical Discharge Machine 2
Narrow-hole Electrical Discharge Machine 2
Profile Grinding Machine 1
CNC Surface Grinding Machine 2
Form Grinding Machine 7
Vertical Milling Machine 1
Fast Milling Machine 1
NC General Purpose Lathe 1
Radial Drilling Machine 1
Vertical Drilling Machine 2

Strengths of our Domestic Plants

  1. Die processing technology with a precision of ±0.005mm and higher
  2. Production of press dies with support for spm200
  3. Punch-press processing with 0.06mm width
  4. Support for die processing for press machines up to 600t
  5. Press-forming processing of iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, silver and other materials in accordance with customer requests
  6. Comprehensive in-house product creation ranging from design to production, trial runs and adjustments
  7. Accumulated expertise in production of resin forming dies
  8. Reliable support system through in-house die maintenance
  9. Staffed by numerous level 1 and level 2 skilled workers who can operate surface grinding machines, WC, MC, etc.
  10. Support for die production for various processing applications such as punching, bending, squeezing and coining
  11. Progressive die expertise based on long years of die production
  12. Network that enables die procurement from overseas
  13. Support for 0.05mm thickness crush processing

World-class ultra-high-tensile steel plate technologiesMexico Silao Plant

The key strength of our Silao Plant is its ultra-high-tensile steel plate processing technologies that contribute to weight reduction in automobiles. It is capable of delivering ultra-high-tensile steel plate processing up to 780MPa, and manufactures automotive parts that require thinness and strength such as chassis and brackets. It can also accommodate post-press-forming painting and welding, and manufacture insert forming parts and assembly parts.

Mexico Plant Facilities

Facility Name No. of Units
600T Servo press 2
400T Link motion press 3
300T Progressive 7
250T Progressive 4
150T Progressive 6
150T Manual 18
60T Progressive 1
45T Progressive 1
Spot Welding Machine 7
Robot Welding Machine 3
3D coordinate measuring machine 1
Shape measuring instruments 1

Strengths of our Mexico Plant

  1. Technology supporting ultra-high-tensile steel plate processing up to 780MPa
  2. Processing technology for plate thickness up to 6mm
  3. Press-forming processing of iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other materials in accordance with customer requests
  4. Support for single-setup processing to accommodate small-lot production (400t, 600t presses)
  5. In-house die maintenance and spare part production
  6. Extensive 60–600t die lineup that enables processing of small to large parts
  7. Support for various types of welding processing such as spot welding, projection welding, robot welding and arc welding
  8. Support for assembly of composite parts (combining press-forming and resin forming parts) due to range of plating and forming processing technologies
  9. Design expertise for automated assembly machine that enables fuse assembly as fast as 0.3-sec per unit
  10. Thorough quality control monitored by one Japanese staff member per division
  11. Network of subcontracted plants that conduct surface treatment (plating, cation painting), die production (forming dies, press-forming dies)
  12. Track record of direct transactions with Honda Mexico and other carmakers
  13. Over 15 years of manufacturing experience in Mexico (Tijuana Plant)
  14. Production capacity has room for 50% ramp-up
  15. OEM production consigned to neighboring plants, enabling reductions in logistics costs and swift customer support
  16. Convenient truck, railway or air access, supporting a rapid distribution system

Mass production systems for press-forming and molding processesThailand Plant

Our Thai Plant has small (80t) to large (600t) presses, and manufactures automotive products such as engine mounts, airbag housing and drum brakes. It also handles resin forming processing and manufactures composite products such as multi slow blow fuses, which combine press-forming parts and resin-forming parts.

Thailand Plant Facilities

Facility Name No. of Units
600Ton Progressive Press Machine 3
400Ton Progressive Press Machine 4
300Ton Progressive Press Machine 2
250Ton Progressive Press Machine 1
150Ton Progressive Press Machine 2
110Ton Progressive Press Machine 2
80Ton Progressive Press Machine 2
150Ton Single Press Machine 8
110Ton Single Press Machine 10
300Ton Injection Machine 2
160Ton Injection Machine 1
100Ton Injection Machine 7
50Ton Injection Machine 2
Hydraulic Press Machine 15
Spot Welding Machine 10
Tapping Machine 2

Strengths of our Thailand Plant

  1. Track record in mass production of press-forming and forming parts; can also accommodate ASSY production
  2. Press-forming processing of iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other materials in accordance with customer requests
  3. Reliable support system through in-house die maintenance
  4. Support for surface treatment such as cation painting and various types of plating through subcontracted plants
  5. Track record of over 15 years in production of automotive press-forming parts
  6. Favorably located in Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, which is also referred to as the “Detroit of Southeast Asia”

Precision Metal Forming