We work to raise ethical awareness among our employees and conduct thorough internal training with the aim of providing safe and reliable products.

We take a broad interpretation of compliance as corporate responsibility. As a leading company in automotive fuses, we naturally strive to maintain and improve our safety-centric quality standards, but also conduct various initiatives to ensure we continue to earn the trust of our customers and society, including social contribution activities and efforts to raise ethical awareness among our employees.

Maintaining and Improving our Safety-Centric Quality

All our employees engage in their work with the awareness that they are producing components on which people’s lives may depend, and they are therefore committed to delivering the highest level of product quality control.


We handle data and printed materials obtained from customers with the utmost care. Confidential corporate information learned through business transactions are under no circumstances utilized for or disclosed to third parties.

Social Contributions

We contribute to a more comfortable and safer automotive society, lifestyle and industry through our manufacturing and technological services that ensure our clients feel they have made the right decision in choosing PEC.

Enhancement of Employees’ Ethical Awareness

Our executives and employees perform their work duties in compliance with laws, social norms and company internal regulations.

Environmental Protection

Based on our in-house environmental policy and environmental management systems, we work to protect the environment across all our business activities.