We strive to be a good neighbor and corporate citizen, and accordingly engage in regional contribution activities.

We actively promote social contribution activities as a corporate citizen of our community. We are particularly active in the city that is home to our head office, Ogaki City, where we participate in community events and volunteer activities. We have also concluded “Forest Development based on Cooperation with Companies” agreements with Gifu Prefecture and Ogaki City.

Community Exchange Activities

Invention and Creative Work Exhibit

We participate in the Invention and Creative Works Exhibit, which is organized by the Gifu Institute of Invention and Innovation. The exhibit showcases and awards prizes to outstanding inventions and creative works. It features submission categories for children, general items, and brand or corporate logos. In this way, it welcomes the participation of a wide range of people from children to adults (including both amateurs and professionals), and plays a role in energizing product manufacturing within the prefecture.

Plant Tours and Internship Program

To promote a greater understanding of the manufacturing workplace, we organize plant tours and internship programs (opportunities to gain work experience) aimed at university and high school students.

Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Asian Economy Delegation Visit

In February 2012, we organized a plant tour for the Asian Economy Delegation of Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, a leading bank in Ogaki City. We have also received visits from many companies looking to construct plants in Southeast Asia, or tap related markets, and have provided information about market and local conditions in Thailand.

Donations to Community Elementary, Junior High and High Schools

To celebrate our achievement of cumulative sales of 40 billion automotive fuses in May 2018, we donated JPY3 million in educational materials to three schools (JPY1 million to each school) in the area where our two plants are located in Ogaki City.

Regional Environment Protection

Volunteer Cleanup Activities

Each year, we actively take part in volunteer cleanup activities (trash collection) during festivals held in Ogaki City. We also work together as a company to keep our community clean by periodically removing trash in the area surrounding our plants.

Pacific Satoyama Forest

Since 2009, we have continued to promote satoyama (woodland) development initiatives at the Pacific Satoyama Forest situated in Kamiishizu Town, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture. We maintain the forest in an effort to support a safe, reassuring and abundant living environment, and also promote satoyama-based education on forest environments. In this way, we join our community in comprehensively developing satoyama.

Disaster Support Activities

Great East Japan Earthquake Donation

In the wake of the massive Great East Japan Earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, 2011, we made donations to support relief efforts. We raised a total of JPY 315,000 reflecting contributions from PEC, PEC’s labor union and individual employees, and donated these funds to disaster-hit municipalities through JAM, which is the executive body of the JAM PEC Labor Union. We also sent JPY 5 million to the Central Community Chest through NHK Gifu Broadcasting Station. In addition, we raised donations at our Thai plant and contributed THB 10,500 to the Thai Red Cross.
We extend our sincere sympathies to all those affected by the disaster.

Nepal Earthquake Donation

To support relief efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015 and resulted in 24,000 injured and casualties, we donated JPY 500,000 to Ogaki City Hall through the Japanese Red Cross.
We extend our sincere sympathies to all those affected by the disaster.