We pursue originality in response to a changing world,
shaping new trends for the future of automotive society.

PEC President and Representative Director: Takahisa Ogawa

PEC was founded in 1961 amid Japan’s period of rapid economic growth.
Since our inception, we have contributed to the development of Japan’s automotive and electronic industries through our unique technologies accumulated over more than five decades. With the support of our customers and stakeholders, we have achieved market shares for automotive fuses of over 91% in Japan and over 48% globally, and thus successfully expanded as a global company that has gained the trust of customers worldwide.

However, our growth to date has not been without challenges. Amid an era of tremendous change in our industry, we have overcome numerous ordeals, repeated a process of trial and error, and accumulated achievements one step at a time. After establishing our first overseas plant in the US (1994), we set up plants in Mexico (1998) and Thailand (2000) before moving into China (2004). At present, we also operate R&D facilities and sales offices in Germany (Düsseldorf) and the US (Detroit), and continue to steadily expand our global network.

The automotive society is now facing the major challenges of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, and new market needs from hybrid cars, electric vehicles and driverless cars are emerging at an accelerated pace. In conjunction with this trend, specialized technology fields such as car electronics and materials development are also called upon to evolve further, and we have a significant role to play in this respect.

Our objective is therefore to firmly respond to the demands placed on us by the new era, and work with our customers to deliver next-level research, development and design, and earn a reputation for uniform "Global Best" quality worldwide as a supplier that is trusted by its customers around the world. To this end, our group companies have come together to formulate action guidelines for future initiatives in the form of a vision, mission, and values. The latter reflect PEC’s ambition to become the undisputed global No. 1 in its businesses, and our strong resolve to help shape and contribute to new trends for the automotive society of the future by pursuing unique technology that only we can deliver.

The world continues to move forward at an unprecedented pace. Confident in the experience and achievements we have accumulated to date, our employees are aware of their responsibility and mission to help build the future, and pursue further growth in the next half century.

Pacific Engineering Corporation
President and Representative Director
Takahisa Ogawa
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