For the ever-changing automotive society,
PEC’s creativity offers “New Frontiers.”

Sixty years since our founding in 1961, Pacific Engineering Corporation is now facing the greatest transformation of our existence. Along with the car industry, which is tackling the major issues of energy and the environment, “New Frontiers” are constantly demanded from specialist fields such as the fuses that we have been working in and developing for many years.

Today's automotive society is seeing the start of next-generation systems like CASE (the integration of Connected, Autonomous [automated driving], Shared & Services [car-sharing], and Electric [electrification]) and MaaS (Mobility as a Service), the new shape of transport infrastructure. Along with these, there are increased needs to develop hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and automated driving. With the development of car electronics and materials, the future of the specialist field of fuses, our field, will have to evolve beyond what we ever considered normal.

We at Pacific Engineering Corporation have the track record and experience that has led us to our position as the top brand for fuse production, overcoming numerous trials as the times have changed tumultuously. In our global network as well, we are expanding steadily, with production sites in Mexico and Thailand, as sales and technology sites in Düsseldorf in Germany, Detroit in the United States, and Shanghai in China. This network will continue to grow into the future. In this once-in-a-century turning point, we at the PEC Group want to come together globally, always continuing to tackle the challenges of new technologies and product development and using these for new growth.

Our “New Frontiers” are not something that just arose by chance one day, like finding something unexpected. Each employee at PEC has a strong ambition, does not fear failure, and never gives up on a challenge. Both the company and its people have made many, many mistakes, but we have learned from these, honing ourselves, as that is the only way to grow. We grow stronger, develop bonds of trust, through pushing each other harder. I want now to be the time when the PEC Global One Team makes its appearance, making us into a strong company, bright, free and open-minded, that forges new paths.

Representative Director,
Pacific Engineering Corporation
Takahisa Ogawa
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