We constantly strive to realize improvements with the aim of
ensuring optimal product quality, costs, delivery times, and environmental load.

We have formulated a quality policy and thoroughly enforce this across the entire company with the aim of delivering superior quality, achieving optimal costs and delivery times, and minimizing the environmental load of our operations. Based on this policy, we conduct quality control in all our divisions and conduct flexible reviews to conform with the latest changes in requirements in our industries.

Quality Policy

We comply with customer requests, legal requirements and standard requirements, and actively work to constantly improve the establishment, operation and efficiency of our quality management systems, while striving to enhance customer satisfaction as an attractive business partner.

More specifically, we take the following actions.

  • We actively communicate with our customers to accurately grasp and comply with their requirements (including materials management as related to environmental load).
  • We consistently enhance our product quality, costs, delivery times and environmental load.
  • We regard target management as our top priority, ensure all staff across the company are familiar with the quality policy of the company and quality targets of individual divisions, and carry these out accordingly.
  • We conduct periodic management reviews and continually improve our quality management systems.