A promise for the future
that only we can achieve.

The world is moving at a dizzying pace. A range of themes and issues are being born in the fields where Pacific Engineering Corporation (PEC) is engaged, such as the automotive industry, and what car manufacturers and society require is changing definitively.
VISION / MISSION / VALUE are our watchwords to ensure that the entire Group engages with a single desire so that Pacific Engineering Corporation can still grow as a global company ten and twenty years hence.

VISIONThe aspirations PEC will continue to hold towards the future

The pursuit of originality drives us to create “New Frontiers”
for a safe and comfortable mobility society

As a maker of parts that make today’s automotive society safe and enjoyable, PEC has stayed one step ahead of demand to deliver cutting-edge products and technologies to help the automotive industry expand.
It is our expertise and trusting relationships with clients that will let us continue seeking ever-more creative solutions.
We want to create a rainbow of New Frontiers together with our customers, so that we can bring about the safe, comfortable automotive society of the future.

A solid foundation for innovation
- Meet the current and future needs of the automotive industry
- Employ the latest materials in our technology, products and production
- Communicate internally to understand employees' latest perspectives
- Grow individually every day so we grow as a company

MISSIONThe mission we need to fulfill to achieve our vision

  1. Be imaginative and set new trends so our products and technologies surpass expectations.
  2. Share our vision, technology and knowhow across national, regional and cultural borders to realize a brighter future.
  3. Collaborate and create an environment where employees in PEC group companies can learn, innovate and be excited about new possibilities and respect each other.

VALUEThe code of conduct each employee strives to follow

  1. The technologies and products PEC provides are never less than cutting-edge.
  2. Dedication to quality and sincerity in actions is what customers value above all else.
  3. Work closely with customers to resolve issues from the early stages in all processes.
  4. Take initiative in learning new skills and growing as a professional.
  5. Think globally, respect differences, and create new things through teamwork that goes beyond organizational boundaries.
  6. Hone sensitivity towards trends by gathering information and thinking flexibly.
Corporate Slogan Pacific Engineering Corporation's Vision About Pacific Engineering Corporation