Contributing to the global automotive industry
through unique, specialized technologies.

PEC’s growth to date as a leading company in automotive parts such as fuses and press-forming products has earned it a high degree of trust among customers around the world.
At the heart of this strong relationship of trust lies a partnership between the company and its customers, which is built on three pillars: (1) cutting-edge technologies and equipment capable of anticipating customer needs ahead of time, (2) a worldwide uniform quality standard, and (3) collaborative product creation that involves customers from the stages of development and design.

We have expanded our businesses on a global scale and operate plants in the US (established in 1994), Thailand (2000), China (2004), South Korea (2011), Europe (Germany, 2012) and Mexico (2014).
Amid expansion in hybrid and electric vehicles and the development of driverless cars, the global automobile market is continually faced with new demands, which in turn place strong expectations on our specialized technologies.

Against the backdrop of this era, we have worked since 2013 to become the Global No. 1 in our businesses, guided by our goals of being the “Global Best” and delivering the “Best Customer Satisfaction” and our slogan “Proactive, Enthusiastic, Customer-oriented.”

Over five decades have elapsed since we started operations and we look with anticipation to the next half century of our development. At PEC, we aim to turn the solid achievements and strong recognition we have accumulated to date into a new strength that can help generate future-oriented, unique technologies and products, and contribute to a safe and comfortable future. Our objective is therefore to continue developing as a truly global company, whose products and services are relied upon by various regions and countries around the world.

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