Entering our second half century with
unrivaled technologies and achievements.

Pacific Engineering Corporation (PEC) was established in 1961. It was spawned from automotive valve core manufacturer Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. as an independent company specializing in automotive fuse production with an eye toward future growth in the automobile industry. Over five decades have elapsed since, and we have achieved a strong reputation within our industry as a comprehensive parts manufacturer that can be entrusted with all aspects of product creation ranging from design to manufacturing.

PEC continues to expand in two core businesses.
Our first core business is the automotive fuse business, which supplies as its core product a wide range of fuses to automotive harness makers for use in various vehicle models. At present, we hold the leading domestic market share in this product segment at over 91%, and also rank among the top brands globally with a market share in excess of 48%.

PEC's second core business is the precision metal forming business, which has expanded to date by supplying parts for a large range of electrical products. As automobile development presently faces growing pressure to step up safety measures and environmental performance in the form of fuel efficiency and weight reduction, expertise in precision die technology gained through the development of fuse parts is being leveraged in other cutting-edge areas. These include die production and press-forming processes for high-tensile steel plates that have a wide range of applications.

The specialized technologies accumulated by PEC over more than five decades have become an indispensable part of today’s global automobile development. We have established production sites and sales offices (including sales agents) across the world. Based on Japan-driven development and design, we have constructed production systems and a network of people that collectively support uniform technology and quality standards across all countries, thus allowing us to provide fine-tuned responses to global needs.